12 Dec 2019 | by Holly Mills

As we near the end of 2019, our team have scoured the globe, in search of upcoming incentive travel destinations to share with you for 2020. The team have narrowed their choice to just 7 incredible destinations that we believe will motivate teams and deliver transformational experiences for businesses and their employees.

1. Vancouver


Vancouver, the city that has it all – friendly locals, a bustling city, natural beauty and amazing wildlife, to name but a few! Vancouver is a popular destination, year-round. In the summer, the city boasts stunning beaches and water sports. In the winter, travel to Whistler to enjoy the world famous ski slopes. As well as taking advantage of natures playground, Vancouver is a delight for foodies;  it is a veritable larder for local chefs, with seafood landed 10 miles from the city centre, veg from the Fraser River valley, orchard fruits and ever-improving wines from the Okanagan Valley. Vancouverites are also crazy about Asian cuisine, so make sure you don’t come to Vancouver on a diet. Discover more...

2. Slovenia 


Awarded the most sustainable country in the world by the National Geographic, Slovenia boasts landscapes that are truly a sight to behold. A 'year round destination, in the winter the Julian Alps are crammed with skiers and snowboarders, in the summer, tourists take to the Slovenian Riviera  bathe in the azure waters whilst hikers come from across the globe to take advantage of the immense scenery, in the spring watch the transformation as the greens burst into rainbow colours as the flowers bloom.  Although the natural beauty of Slovenia is the country’s main pull, it’s important not to overlook the amazing food. Each Slovenian region (of which there are 7) has its own delicacies, all made with local produce and fresh ingredients. It's hard to believe that this haven is only a 2 hour flight from London! Discover more...

3. Nepal


Home to Everest, the worlds highest mountain, Nepal is a trekker’s paradise. Travelers come from across the globe to attempt the treacherous trails of the Nepal Himalayas. However, if mountains aren’t your thing, Nepal has a wealth of national parks, teeming with wildlife: from tigers to crocodiles! Hop in a jeep and start exploring. Visit the Kathmandu valley, comprising of 3 ancient cities: Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. The valley has 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ancient culture, magnificent artwork and traditional architecture. Discover more...

4. San Sebastián , spain


San Sebastián is culinary hub with tantalising treats at every turn. The food obsessed Basques have perfected the art of ‘eating well’ with the second most Michelin stars per capita. The local Pintxos (Basque tapas) are a dominant feature in the culinary scene in this stunning bay side town with pintxo bars littering peppering the streets. The local dishes are made with the best ingredients from the surrounding coast and countryside, finessed by the Basque chefs often using traditional methods. Take a stroll along Playa de la Concha and breathe in the fresh sea air or visit the hilly island of Isla de Santa Clara to escape the hustle and bustle of the town. Discover more...

5. Kerry, ireland


County Kerry is often referred to as the ‘Ireland of Old’ due to the many gaelic speaking areas and the amazing heritage sites. However, the main draw of Kerry is the unparalleled scenery and natural beauty, whether you enjoy hiking, water sports, cycling or even horseback riding, Kerry has something for any taste. Drive the Ring of Kerry and explore the many unspoiled sites of Ireland with its sandy beaches, vast farmland and imposing mountain ranges. If you don’t fancy the 179km journey of the entire ring, why not travel the Dingle Peninsula; a much shorter route that provides just as much beauty and scenery. Discover more...

6. Namibia 


Home to some of the most amazing landscapes on earth. Mountains made of sand estimated to be over 5 million years old, amazing dead tree valleys, vast golden grass plains and winding rivers and wetlands – Namibia is jam packed with instagramable moments. As well as natural beauty, it wouldn’t be Africa without incredible wildlife. Etosha National Park boasts big cats, elephants, black rhinos and antelope to name but a few.

7. Bath, uk


Bath is the only place in the UK that has an entire city designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The reason being is its unbelievably well-preserved Roman Bath, one of the greatest religious spas of the ancient world. The city also has an abundance of Georgian architecture. Visit the Royal Crescent and it’s 30 grade I listed buildings, to fully appreciate the Georgian style (it even inspired the writing of Jane Austen!). Another pull of the city is that you can explore it, on foot, in 1 day!

Our list highlights some of our favourite destinations, that we feel will inspire and motivate employees from across the globe. But this list is limitless, our incentive travel experts explore the world in search of experiences that will deliver unforgettable moments and drive change when built into  effective reward and recognition programmes.

If you're interested in incentive travel, follow the link below, and listen to Episode 3 of Penguins Event Chat: Incentives: The Wow factor - purpose, position & personalisation 

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Holly Mills

By Holly Mills

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