Distilling the essence of your brand, product or service into a unique experience that livens all of the senses and utterly absorbs your audience is a dream for brand owners. Maybe it’s a trip down memory lane, transportation to a happy place, or going back to basics and highlighting core benefits in a new and captivating way… The opportunities are endless.

The Penguins difference

Experiential is a term that can stir all sorts of complex and fantastical ideas among marketers and brand owners. To us it means building an experience that strikes the hearts and minds of your consumer and elevates your brand to a special place. We can make that happen.

Think outside the box:

Smoke & mirrors: Develop eye catching displays using our industry leading creativity and light & production

Extend your reach: Take to the road or find synergy in alternative locations across the globe.

With so many great ways we can help you create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Read our latest Experiential case study:

Experience a better event partner

Create a whole new kind of encounter to amaze and intrigue your audience – talk to us now to light the touchpaper on a thrilling experience.