7 Nov 2019 | by Claire Woodbridge

Incentive travel is becoming an increasingly popular tool for employee motivation. Taking teams out of their working environment to share culture rich experiences, beyond that of a standard team building away day, has the unique ability to increase team morale, build better connections, support teams in finding common goals  and create priceless memories for those in attendance.

The value impact of an incentive travel programme goes way beyond the trip.  From the moment an incentive programme is announced a mix of emotions are stirred within the targeted audience. In the lead up to a trip, there is often jovial competition amongst team members. If harnessed effectively this can align the goals of the individual with those of the wider team and the objectives of the business, which is a step in the direction of an engaged workforce. Throughout the incentive trip, attendees get the opportunity to build deeper relationships, as they share a range of emotions and experiences; this alongside the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are so often experienced on such trips, helps to build a greater loyalty between the individuals and also toward the business. Post trip, the buzz continues as the attendees reminisce with their colleagues about the trip. If the trip was designed to welcome partners of the attendees,  further benefits can be gained from the continued relationships that develop amongst the partners.

Authenticity is key to an effective incentive travel programme. An organisation that doesn’t care and appreciate its employees, year-round, will appear spurious if they suddenly introduce an incentive programme. Employees are likely to become suspicious at the motive behind the incentive, perhaps not trusting the business and thinking that they are attempting to bribe employees to fit their agenda. When you introduce incentive travel into a culture based on employee engagement and motivation, it is more likely to be successful than if you try and bolt it on to an already flawed culture.

Having a motivated workplace makes for an amazing incentive travel trip, but equally, amazing incentive travel trips go towards developing motivated workplaces focused on success. The common denominator is incentive travel. The key aim for incentive travel is to aid companies in creating happier and healthier workplaces whilst also increasing productivity – thus leading to success.

Claire Woodbridge

By Claire Woodbridge

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