Employee engagement - a term we often hear in the media and across multiple industries.

But what does employee engagement mean?

Engaged employees are individuals whose personal goals and achievements are aligned with those of your business and who, as a result, have an emotional attachment to your company.

How can your organisation achieve this?

At Penguins we believe there isn't one straight answer - your employee engagement strategy should be as unique as your team members are. We believe that the best starting point is to ensure that your employees are given the confidence to have a voice within your organisation and that their voice will be heard and considered.


It is vital to ensure that employee engagement is a fundamental part of your organisation's philosophy and is ingrained within all of your team's attitudes and behaviours; creating a culture that will foster employees' growth and engagement.

When was the last time you checked in on your company's culture? Research by Deloitte shows that organisations are being forced to move beyond mission statements and need to put people at the centre of business strategies. We couldn't agree more!

A carefully constructed employee engagement  and reward and recognition programme can feature a multitude of techniques to help keep your team motivated and focused. From training, to unique incentive travel experiences or simple prize fulfilment. Penguins can help you ensure your company culture and organisational values remain relevant, appropriate and aligned to your business strategy whatever the external pressures. Our bespoke consulting approach will help you pinpoint specific issues, processes or behaviours which could undermine your business goals. We then work with you to create a unique engagement plan to reignite your culture and engage your team, now as well as in the future. 

Is it time for you to put your people and culture at the centre of your business strategies? Contact Penguins for a free exploratory call, let's see how we can help.



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