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Whether the event is an annual staff conference, a product launch or a team building day, there are 5 golden rules which can help you be the star of the show, all-be-it behind the scenes...

Clear brief – A clear brief will help kick off the event in the right direction.  Include where possible your expectations for all elements including venue, location, production, audio visual and event management.

Objectives  - Understand and be clear about your objectives as this will create a successful event. Setting S.M.A.R.T objectives ensures that all stakeholders know what to expect and also importantly, what is expected from them

Specific - A specific goal has a much greater chance of being accomplished than a general goal. Take time to work it out 
Measureable - Establish concrete criteria for measuring progress against each step of the event journey 
Attainable - Once you and the stakeholders have identified the most important goals, you can start to turn them in to reality and work out what can be achieved 
Realistic - Setting realistic goals ensures that the event is a success. There’s no point being wildly ambitious if it is unachievable 
Timely – Each action needs to have a timeframe, so the event process runs smoothly 

Budget – Having a clear and defined budget from the outset makes it easier to plan a successful event. Knowing what needs to be included is key.

Audience – Who are your audience?  Do you have the right resources to engage them?  Think about what you want the attendees to learn and take away from the event. What is the ROI/ROO?

Teamwork – Essential to the success of any event. Work with your event agency to devise a strategy that will provide a seamless solution for your event whilst becoming an extension of your team.

A visualisation of the many different elements which make up success

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