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A a recent article published by Adam Parry, editor at Event Industry News, highlights the difficulties of pulling off a successful event in 2016, listing more than 30 elements that most companies and event teams have to take into consideration. (Just reading the list makes me feel exhausted!)

Adam goes on to suggest three key factors that can help you to simplify the event creation and management process: time, budget and team.

Whilst I agree with each of the factors that Adam lists, there is a fourth factor that can often make the difference between success and failure: clear goals.

Clear Goals in Event Management

In our experience at Penguins of creating, producing and managing events over the years, we've found that when everyone involved in an event is clear on (and agree upon) the essential goals, outcomes and objectives, things always run a lot smoother.

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With clear goals, people tend to understand more intuitively how to make the right choices on everything from press releases to music choices, promotional copy and even the best colour for the tablecloths!

Conversely, when the focus is unclear or multiple agendas come into play, messages get muddled, motivation drops and even the simplest of decisions become more difficult.

Understand the Need

This is why the first step in our event management process is always to understand the need. Whether we're dealing with a product launch, organising a way to say 'thank you' to our client's team or running a training day, we seek to understand the goals of the event right from the start.

Once we have those objectives in place, we can ensure that everything we do goes into ensuring that those objectives are met.

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