11 Apr 2017 | by Anthony Kelly

Working in the event management and incentive travel industry, it goes without saying that wherever you are, you have an instinctive skill to take note of travel tips and tricks. Be it the best ways to travel, the best places to visit, you ultimately get to discover a plethora of ‘hidden gems’ along the way. We meet the most incredible characters and communities from across the world and work with them to deliver unforgettable, personal and tick-all-boxes kind of experiences. Today we’ve chipped in a couple of the team’s favourite tips and discoveries from their most recent travels for those hoping to uncover an authentic and unique experience abroad.

Grenada  for a run and rum with the Hash Harriers


Whether you’re the type that usually packs trainers and aims to have a ‘run on the beach’ or not, there’s no better way to see the Caribbean than taking a tour with the Grenada Hash Harriers. The group meet each Saturday at 4pm and delight in little more than talking and running with newbies; inexperienced runners or fitness fanatics. The group jog around beach trails, the edge the rainforest and plod past rum-shacks and beautiful palm tree avenues. Running has never been so exciting or funny; the harriers may have you in stitches through laughing but rest-assured that the running pace is never an issue nor intimidating. The run ends at a local beach shack for some beer-hydration and refreshments. Trust us, you simply won’t regret this wallet friendly experience.

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Tokyo  for the pleasures of Animal Cafes


Animal and caffeine lovers, listen up, we have a new travel pin for you to add to your wishlist map. Tokyo have combined your two loves, boasting an Owl Café, Rabbit Café and Snake Café. This is no work of fiction, the dream is very much alive for those who start their morning sipping a creamy flat white in one hand with the index finger of their other hand gently tickling behind the ears of a rabbit. The Owl Café is home to around 20 different birds, each named and incredibly calm and friendly. The owners of the café belive that the owl’s presence helps their customers, and themselves, to relax.They say the way you start your morning effects the way you view the rest of your day and if this isn’t the most creative and soothing ways to start, we’d be interested to know of anything as weirdly wonderful as this.

Ibiza for a DNA retreat


The term ‘bespoke’ just hit a new level in the incentive travel industry. The virtuous and inspirational team at 38 Degrees North have introduced a week long retreat that is designed and adapted around a sample of your DNA.  Your food is catered to your scientific make up as well as your exercise regime, meaning that your experience at the beautiful countryside retreat just got once-in-a-lifetime stamped on it. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll leave feeling invigorated, refreshed and energetic. Expect to be indulged with gorgeous 5* accommodation, put through your paces and pumped with nutritious foods and beverages to make your hair shine and skin glow.

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