20 May 2020 | by Holly Mills

In light of these unprecedented times, it is important to look into the future and prepare for greener pastures. What is ahead for the incentives market, post pandemic? Here are our some of our predictions:

Travel will regain its luxury status 

This current crisis has proven to businesses around the world that we have the infrastructure, creativity and knowledge to effectively communicate key messages virtually. We believe that this will see a reduction in business travel globally, with virtual communications reducing costs, proving safer and being more sustainable. But in parallel, we also predict a rise in the use of travel as a motivational tool. Companies will harness the power of travel and shared experience to maximise productivity, boost morale and increase sales as employees crave the opportunity to explore and socialise, now that they have experienced the feeling of being “locked down”. Travel will  once again become a luxury experience rather than an expectation.

UK, it’s all about you! 

The inability to travel has encouraged people to explore their immediate surroundings. Prompting an appreciation for what we have closer to home, including our breathtaking coast lines, diverse nature, incredible wildlife and some of the best incentive venues in the world. We expect a rise in UK incentives as the industry gently begins to ease back into business. As a bonus it helps our own economy too, which is a win-win.

Giving back

We predict an increase in incentives incorporating a CSR or ‘pay it forward’ element. People are coming together for good causes, locally and globally, and enjoying the benefits this shared experience brings. We believe businesses will be under more pressure from their employees to make a difference, whether in the UK or further afield which is good news for more remote destinations.

Wellbeing at the heart of it all

We anticipate an even stronger need for both physical and mental wellbeing programmes. People are being forced to ‘check in’ with themselves with less external distractions. Wellbeing will no longer be a 'nice to have' but will become an expectation. This could be take the form of increased leisure time, a wider variety of physical/mental exercises or personalised activities to suit individuals’ unique preferences, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

It is clear that there has been a big shift in the way we work, and will continue to work for the foreseeable. Nobody knows for certain what the future will hold for incentive travel, however there is one thing we do know: there will always be employees out there that need motivating and engaging. Keep your finger on the pulse, listen to your team and be flexible in your approach - you won't go far wrong.

Holly Mills

By Holly Mills

Beginning her career in incentive travel in 2007 Holly is an expert in delivering once in a lifetime experiences to reward and recognise groups.More articles by Holly Mills