31 Jan 2018 | by Sophie Darbon

Japan is renowned as a mystical and historical destination, famous for intricate temples, strong traditions and stunning cherry blossom. While Japan’s capital of Tokyo is famous for its innovation and modernity, Kyoto revolves around the ancestral traditions that Japan is so acknowledged for.

Kyoto is very much the cultural sanctuary of Japan surrounded by vast bamboo forests and interspersed with glorious temples. Kyoto can be reached by the famous rapid bullet trains from Tokyo, once there you can bask in the prosperous and harmonious atmosphere that the city is so loved for. Stroll through the Gion Geisha district to watch Geisha’s going about their daily lives, or admire the vast Nijo Castle. This trip of a lifetime will be sure to provide a cultural opportunity not to be missed or forgotten!

Long haul, city break, relaxation

  • Direct flights
  • GMT +9hr
  • 12hrs from LON
  • Best in all seasons

In Kyoto, you must

  • Immerse yourself in a traditional tea ritual
  • Hike through bamboo forests
  • Master the art of Kyudo, Japanese archery, and learn the traditional sword dance
  • Take a day trip to Nara, the ancient capital and home to the Todaiji Temple and its great Buddha
  • Stroll through the Nishiki Market with over 100 shops and restaurants to absorb
Sophie Darbon

By Sophie Darbon

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