16 Jan 2019 | by Gemma Price

Montenegro is a small country perched on the coastline of the Adriatic between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Albania. Having only claimed independence in 2006, this Balkan country is often overshadowed by other Eastern European destinations such as Croatia. However, Montenegro can definitely hold its own as an unforgettable travel destination, boasting crystal blue waters, beautiful mountain ranges and breathtaking scenery – Montenegro is said to have some of the most amazing terrain of any European country of its size, despite being less than 300 km from tip to toe, Montenegro is absolutely worth a visit.

One of the many reasons that people often fall in love with this country is the warmness of its people. The people are the pride of the country with candid, charismatic, cheerful locals. Regardless of where you are in the country, the people will greet you with a big hug and huge smile. It is said that all Montenegrins wish to do is to please you (and feed you).

It is difficult to visit Montenegro and not be awestruck by the breath-taking scenery. Home to hundreds of natural wonders such as Tara Canyon, The Black Lake and the Bay of Kotor. This jewel in the Adriatic allows you to be basking in the sun with the sea lapping at your feet one day and the next be hiking or skiing  upon the mountain slopes.

The many contrasting terrains can provide a wide range of opportunities to indulge your adventurous side: climb to the top of Kotor fortress and gaze down upon the spectacular views of Montenegro, white water raft through Tara Canyon, or even explore the ice caves hidden in the black lake. Even more can be discovered if you take a step off the beaten track and explore the secluded that this beautiful haven has to offer.

With such a wide array of natural habitats, you will not be surprised to hear that the  forests and mountains are home to many wild species. With brown bears, wolves, deer and lynx – to name but a few. Tours allow you to come within metres of  these animals that that roam freely in the largely undisturbed fauna.

As well as natural beauty, Montenegro harbours hundreds of years of architecture, culture and history. Within National park, there is the infamous Njegoš Mausoleum, where Petar II Petrović-Njegoš rests. To reach the Mausoleum you have to trek up the 461 steps, however that is often the greatest part of the experience! On the journey up you are privy to some of the best views in Montenegro. There is also the Ostrog Monastery imbedded in the 900m cliff face above Zeta Valley. There are many myths about the Monastery and the miracles that have taken place there – one of the reasons why over 1 million people a year visit this phenomenon of nature and human intervention.

  • Direct Flights
  • GMT +1 hour
  • 45 hours from LON
  • June and September are the best times to visit

In Montenegro, you must:

  • Take a sports car through Durmitor National Park – race round the hairpin bends whilst passing glacial lakes and mountain faces.
  • Spend a day on Tara River. White water raft past waterfalls, gorges and historical landmarks. If you get thirsty, you can always take a cup of water from the drinkable river.
  • Eat at a Cevabdzinica. The local delicacy, Ćevapi, is a grilled dish of minced meat and skinless sausage is the equivalent to a kebab in the UK.
  • Visit Kotor Old City, where you can indulge in local cheeses, wine and fresh seafood whilst exploring the vast amount of churches and ruins.

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By Gemma Price

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