12 Nov 2019 | by Clare Fagg

Frequently voted as one of the most “stressful” careers, event managers deliver a vital communication channel, essential to organisations across the globe. With over 30 years’ experience in managing corporate events and incentive travel programmes, Penguins are opening up to the world with  ‘Penguins Event Chat’, a podcast designed for sharing insight,dispelling myths and answering those burning questions that anyone setting out to organise an event may have. Through ‘Penguins Event Chat’, we hope to support individuals and businesses when making decisions about, or organising an event or incentive travel trip.

But why a podcast?

  • Podcasts are increasing in popularity, year on year. According to Ofcom around 7.1 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts each week, that’s an increase of 24% over the past year.
  • Podcasting allows Penguins to reach and educate a brand-new audience that prefer audio content to written content.
  • Podcasts are convenient. Often people don’t have time to sit down and read a blog, however with a podcast you can listen whilst also doing other things, such as commuting, cooking, cleaning. Podcasts slot in perfectly with your daily life.

The first season of ‘Penguins Event Chat’ will consist of 5 unique episodes all relating to event management.

Episode 1: Event Management - A client Perspective


This episode is centered around the client side of an event. Penguins’ Creative Director, Richard Bowden (far left), invited 3 of our clients to be on a panel, discussing 4 key topics within the events industry:

With a broad spectrum of industry knowledge and event expertise, this episode is filled with interesting perspectives and controversial discussions.

To view the complete podcast recording, head over to our YouTube Channel.

Episode 2: Group flight bookings – Unwrapped


Penguins Head of Live Events, Clare Fagg (far right) welcomed 3 industry experts to discuss the ins and outs of group travel. 

  • Kathy Bradley (second to the left), Managing Director at All About Flights, an air travel logistics company
  • Maris Kuklis (second to the right), MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events) Travel Account Manager at Etihad Airways
  • Holly Mills (Far left), Head of Incentives at Penguins

Throughout this episode the group discussed the technicalities of booking flights for group travel. The insights shared will provide a better understanding of how group bookings work, share inspiration for enhancing the travel experience and instil confidence in the experts that handle this process on your behalf.

The key points of discussion include: 

The conversation includes myth busting, challenges and resolutions, with each guest providing a completely unique perspective on group travel.

To view the complete podcast recording, head over to our YouTube Channel.

Episode 3: Incentives: The wow factor – purpose, personalisation and position.


What is the ‘wow factor’? 

It’s a term often banded around in the incentive travel industry, but the term leaves a lot to the imagination. The ‘wow factor’ can mean many different things to many different people. 

During this episode Holly, our head of incentives, has invited two industry experts to talk all things incentives and see if we can unfold the mystery of WOW. Discussing 3 components we have identified to be key contributors to creating the wow feeling :

  • Personalisation 
  • Purpose
  • Position 

Our guests Tessa Whalley of Preferred hotels & resorts (centre) and David Marks of MM&Company (left), offer different viewpoints on the ‘wow factor’. These differing perspectives made for an interesting discussion with points of view that perfectly complimented each other. 

To view the complete podcast recording, head over to our YouTube Channel

Episode 4: Event technology – the rise of AI


What is artificial intelligence? And how will it affect the event industry in the future?

With the help of two esteemed guests, Penguins’ Production Manager, Luke Thomas (left), aims to answer all the burning questions you have about AI.

Luke is joined by Daniel Hulme (right), CEO of Applied AI company, Satalia and Callum Gill (centre), Head of Insight and Innovation at DRPG. The panel discuss three key topics:

- What is AI?
- Emotionally engaging with AI
- The security and management of AI data

Our three industry experts debunk myths, put fears to bed and offer an insight into the future of AI.

To view the video, head to our YouTube channel.

Episode 5: Using events to change company culture


To  listen to the podcast, follow the link below. 

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Clare Fagg

By Clare Fagg

Clare began working at Penguins in 2006 as an event co-ordinator, before moving onto a project management role. Clare is now Operations Manager at Penguins responsible for the management of our events team.More articles by Clare Fagg