10 Sep 2018 | by Gemma Chadwick

These days, employee engagement is a huge part of any successful organisation. There is direct correlation between customer satisfaction and employee engagement; companies used to focus solely on the customer and their needs, but have now realised that if your employee’s aren’t engaged, then your customers won’t be engaged. Tackle the problem at the root.

Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware that an engaged workforce can increase productivity and the quality of customer service, raise performance helping to nurture loyal customers. I believe that there are 6 main benefits to having engaged employees:

Higher retention rate

The ability to retain employees is very important – nobody enjoys losing talented employees they have invested in and developed. Employee retention reduces HR costs, promotes company growth from within and improves customer service. If employees are challenged, enjoy their work and feel valued they are more likely to stay with a company. Engaged employees don’t have a reason to look elsewhere for work.

Increased Productivity

If your employees are engaged at work they are more likely to work harder, be more flexible with their working hours, take less time off sick, have better mental health and create close working relationships –  these all increase productivity massively! If everyone in your business is working hard toward similar goals, productivity will inevitably rise. Research shows that engaged employees are 17% more productive than their peers.

Employee satisfaction

Although people often confuse employee satisfaction and employee engagement, they are two very different things. Employee satisfaction looks at how much employees enjoy being at work. An employee can arrive at work and have an enjoyable time without being effective in their role – they are satisfied but they are not engaged with their work and aligned with or aware of the business goals. An engaged employee however will aim to be effective in their role and strive to achieve not only their own objectives but those of the companies.

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement should go hand in hand – create a comfortable working environment and give clear objectives that your employees feel valued for achieving

Increased Profitability

Employee engagement has an effect on profitability. This is largely an indirect effect created through the other benefits of employee engagement. With increasing employee retention, customer loyalty, productivity, and safety – all benefits of employee engagement – profitability is increased. Engaged staff generally work harder, stay with the organisation and inspire customer loyalty, ultimately increasing revenues and reducing costs which effects the bottom line.

Greater Innovation

For an organisation to remain successful they have to be innovative. There is a cyclical effect  between innovation and engagement. The opportunity for employees to be innovative within their roles impacts feelings of satisfaction and engagement. 

Employees that are engaged perform at a higher level and are more passionate about their role, they also have a greater sense of ownership within their organisations further encouraging out of the box thinking and the desire to use innovative methods and challenge the status quo.

Great Customer Service

The service an employee delivers to a customer is linked to how engaged they are with their organisation. Happy employees will generally provide better a customer experience, their positivity about their organisation will be reflected in the way they operate their tasks and the general positive attitude they will eminate to customers.

Engaged employees care more about their jobs and the customers they serve. Seven out of ten consumers will spend 13% more money with a company that provides excellent customer experience.

If you would like to discover how you can achieve greater employee engagement through the use of events and live communications please don't hesitate to request a call back from a member of our team.

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Gemma Chadwick

By Gemma Chadwick

Gemma began her career in events back in 2002 when she joined Penguins as an events manager. Since then Gemma has risen through the ranks and taken on greater involvement in the general running of the business. She officially moved away from event operations in 2016 where she assumed the role of Business and HR Manager.More articles by Gemma Chadwick