19 May 2017 | by Anthony Kelly

Adrenaline and activity junkies this one’s for you. We have rounded up a few of our favourite thrill-seeking activities across the globe covering speed, height, depth and darkness. When planning an incentive travel trip you want it to be memorable for the team involved, ticking off a bucket list activity is one guaranteed way to acheive that. If you’re looking for some inspiration or planning a trip to bring out the dare-devils hidden inside you, look no further. Tell us, which adrenaline filled activity tickles your fancy?

Quad-biking on a dirt track in Thailand


Thailand is famous for its picturesque, beautiful beaches and whilst some people enjoy lounging on a towel, sipping coconut water through a straw, some prefer speeding across the land, skirting the golden, sandy beaches on four large tyres. Ko Samet has more dirt tracks than we can count leading to various beaches. Explore these by renting a Quad Bike and find your quickest, most adventurous and ferociously curvy route to the beach possible. Upon arrival we recommend bathing your feet in the sea, a calming treat after a heart-thumping ride.

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Overnight camping in Tennessee


If you’re looking for a thrill to last a lifetime we suggest marking an X on the map for McMinnville, Tennessee, and visit the incredible Cumberland Caverns. Traipse through the thirty-two miles of rocky passageways to find spectacular waterfalls and deep pools of water. There are so many excursions to choose from when entering the Caverns including the option to sleepover in an underground cave. If you’re brave enough we suggest wrapping up warm for the night as it does get chilly.  Then, come morning, enjoy breakfast in the Volcano Room – an experience you’ll never forget!

Drive a supercar in the Venetian region


Car enthusiasts, this one is for you. Visit the original Lamborghini Factory to set the mood and build the anticipation before you are handed the keys to a Lamborghini Huracàn. Turn on the roaring ignition and realise a petrolhead’s dream, enjoying an incredible, scenic test drive exactly where the very first models of Lamborghinis were test driven by some of the world’s best test drivers. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, allowing visitors the chance to reach incredible speeds behind the brand new wheel of a supercar. Afterwards, savour a traditional Italian meal with other car lovers before driving back to the beautiful city of Venice to complete your experience.

Flying through the air at Catskills Valley


A short drive from New York City lies the highest and most daring zipline adventure in America. For those who fancy something wild and fast with a heightened sense of danger, head straight to the zip wires that can be found at Catskills Valley. Zip wires at Catskill Valley are suspended up to 600 feet high, above a rich green carpet of thick fauna and forest. This zip line course measures a length of 3,200 feet and is the second largest in the world. For thrill-seekers who love extremes this ticks all the boxes for speed, height and danger – you’re also able to try this at night. Truly wild.

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