1 Sep 2016 | by Anthony Kelly

Each year Munich welcomes millions of beer-lovers into their pubs, bars and streets for Oktoberfest. The city becomes a hubbub of tourists and German’s alike, hugging, dancing and crashing jugs of beer together for the annual occasion. Whilst Germany offers the social excitement and spirit that can be great on an incentive trip, beer chugging may not be a must-do for all members of a team. With this in mind, why don't you reward your team with these alternative locations to visit in October, far away from the roaring beer festival.



In October, Mauritius enjoys beautiful springtime weather, making it an unforgettable crowd-pleasing destination even before anyone has wriggled their toes beneath the fine, warm sand or woken up to a sea view or mountain view on the island.

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For sun-lovers, stay at Maradiva for rooms of unparalleled luxury, tranquillity and privacy. With the beer-fuelled noises of Oktoberfest thousands of miles away the glorious peace and style of The Moustache Bistro is sure to satisfy any urges for an early afternoon or evening tipple. With its gentle atmosphere, impressive drinks selection and ‘culinary journey’ options, the restaurant-bar is the perfect place to catch up after a day lounging, swimming, scuba diving or exploring one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

A Mark Twain quote summarises how we at Penguin Incentive Travel view the dreamy island – “You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius.”

Banff, Canada


Be the first to kick start the ski-season by travelling out to the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Find yourself the envy of all your friends back home at a ski resort in Banff, a location home to stunning landscapes and a vast National Park that offers visitors the chance to enjoy morning yoga sessions, Group Hikes or Theatre Productions on its outskirts all year round.

Each day on the slopes offers a new breath-taking view and opportunity to experiment with new ski-techniques and curve down the snowy peaks. Savvy travellers will consider booking venues to accommodate the group from private vendors, many offering lots of communal spaces to regroup at the end of a ski day to enjoy cheese fondues, hot chocolates or Poutine. Source an in-house chef to really get the best flavours and dishes from the region, an approachable and fun way to ensure everyone’s fancies and foodie indulgences are met.

Pachmarhi, India


Whilst Munich recovers from a headache, find yourself setting an early alarm to experience a Pachmarhi morning. With a flask of warm chai and sweet breads in your rucksack, hike to Dhoopgarh and look out across the beautiful hills and valleys beyond. Panther sightings are common so do bring your binoculars to ensure you’re fully equipped to spot the regal cats among the rich fauna and rare flora.

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of photographs you have, set your map out in the direction of the Jata Shankar Caves, a must-see Hindu shrine. Dip your hands into the cool and hot water springs and treasure the experience. We recommend reading up on the myths and legends of the area for a truly grounding and exhilarating experience.

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