3 Jun 2016 | by Anthony Kelly

Happy mondays, in the BA lounge at Heathrow awaiting my flight to rustic Sardinia! The time passed very quickly and in 2hrs 30mins from London, we touched down in Cagliari, where we were collected in luxury cars for our short transfer to the Forte Village Resort, soaking up the views of this beautiful Mediterranean Island on the way, with sun kissed hills and glistening waters.


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea after Sicily. Our resort was based in the south of the island boasting fantastic beaches and an array of activities providing vast options for a tranquil reward. The pace is very relaxed; you could watch the world slowly roll by whilst sipping on the local wine. The resort of Forte Village itself was simply astounding, with a variety of accommodation and 21 restaurants.

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Spas and Relaxation 

In addition is the Thalasso Spa, one of the Leading Spas in the World. Offering an extensive range of treatments focused around the natural energies of the world such as sun and water. You can also soak for as long as your heart desires in the numerous thermal baths which offer a mixture of temperatures, scents and bathing oils – you’re sure to find the perfect one for you!

The Culinary Delights of Sardinia 

Food was a strong focus for the duration of our stay. From our welcome dinner hosted in a traditional wine cellar, surrounded by the scent of oak barrels and ageing wine. To Sardinia's “Hell’s Kitchen”, where we received a lesson in making a traditional Italian tomato sauce from a Michelin starred chef, before we sat down to enjoy the fruits of his labour, along side the freshest oysters I've ever tasted. Our final meal was a feast for the eyes as well as our bellies dining in Forte’s Brasilian restaurant. We watched our chefs prepare a range of meats over an aromatic wood grill which were then served at our table with a range of authentic side dishes. But my personal favourite was lunch with a local shepherd. The shepherd cooked up a feast of  flavours underneath the old oaks and junipers, which was washed down with the local Cannonau wine.

Jeep Safari 


Our final day took us outside the resort to explore more of what Sardinia has to offer. With Jeep Safari’s exploring the rougher terrain of the island allowing us to marvel in the harder to reach vistas of the unspoilt landscape. The excursion culminated with a typical Italian farmhouse lunch, we enjoyed the local delicacy of goat roasted on a spit, freshly made goats cheese and the finest homemade pasta. This excursion could be extended with a Zodiac boat tour which would allow you to mix the land with the sea.


These four days just scratched the surface of a truly spectacular incentive travel destination. Sardinia offers the ideal setting for a tranquil and refreshing incentive trip mixing luxury, traditional culture and nature. The best time to visit is May – June or Sep – Oct, where you can enjoy the fantastic weather without huge amounts of tourists. A great option for those seeking a short haul incentive destination with great weather, amazing food, traditional wine, stunning views and a variety of activities.

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By Anthony Kelly

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