31 Jan 2018 | by Sophie Darbon

Soufrière is nestled along the coastline of St Lucia, a tear-shaped gem of an island situated in the Caribbean. Its dramatic mountainous landscape sets it apart from the other surrounding volcanic Caribbean islands.

This picturesque town encompasses the essence of St Lucia, surrounded by banana plantations, sleepy fishing villages, flanked by the Pitons – the soaring towers of rock that St Lucia is so iconic for.

Soufrière is a seafront town, full of life, adorned with colour and flair. Brightly painted storefronts are intermingled with natural and historical landmarks which are sure to astound you and your guests.

Long haul, adventure, relaxation

  • Direct flights
  • GMT -4
  • 9hrs from LON
  • Best in Winter and Spring

In Soufrière, you must

  • Scuba dive the coral reefs
  • Experience mountain biking like no other on a trail through the jungle
  • Immerse yourself in nourishing mud at the Sulphur Springs
  • Kite surf across the crystal blue waters
  • Test your taste buds with a rum tasting tour
  • Zip-line the rainforest and take the aerial tram tour for views of pure paradise
Sophie Darbon

By Sophie Darbon

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