31 Jan 2018 | by Sophie Darbon

The World’s second longest peninsula at over 700 miles, bursting with craggy volcanic islands, vast deserts and stunning coasts. Baja California is the ultimate beach destination with a difference! The area also boasts some of the finest and most varied marine life available, take your chance to spot grey whales and kayak alongside sea lions and turtles!

This destination proves that that middle of nowhere can be vastly more striking than any imagination could comprehend; roads snake around the sides of mountains and journey through rustic villages. Soak in the atmosphere under a night sky littered with the most spectacular stars and while the hours away on the fantastic coastlines and islands.

Long haul, adventure

  • Direct flights
  • GMT -8hrs
  • 10hrs from LON
  • Best Summer to Winter

In Mexico, you must

  • Swim and kayak alongside whale sharks
  • Enhance your surfing skills with a group lesson
  • Learn the Aztec and Mayan star constellations with a local cocktail in hand
  • Indulge in a picnic on a deserted beach and hike through hills
  • Learn the local trade of Baja pottery
Sophie Darbon

By Sophie Darbon

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