21 Feb 2013 | by Anthony Kelly

After reading an article in the C&IT magazine titled ‘Sustainability still a divisive C&I issue’ it got me thinking about whether or not the sustainability factor is something that companies really buy into.

A great point was raised by David Battley, Director of Events at BI Worldwide Europe, who said “As soon as you say: Here’s a budget for your brief, it’s £1000, but if you want to take a sustainable approach it’s £1200,’ then there’s loads of coughing”.

I remember a time pre-2008 when companies and technology were gearing towards being more sustainable, I myself went on numerous exhibitions to discover the latest in ‘green’ technology and solutions, mainly because I have an interest in it all, then that horrid word came about – Recession.

All of a sudden the luxuries and ethics of companies worldwide went out the window; survival was more important. Getting the books balanced and in the black became a higher priority. Within business all over the world, it was all about finding the cheapest price regardless of quality.

Now we see everyone very slowly rising out of this bad financial crisis and once again the Sustainability factor is again on the green cards!

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Do companies see Sustainability as driving improved value for money?  What will it take for them to ‘bite the bullet’ and reflect their prices to include the cost of sustainability regardless to competitor activity towards this? Or should they be doing something that does not have to affect the customer directly?

I hate the fact that something so important has to come at a cost, and in my opinion not enough is being done about it. Should there be an incentive for being a green organisation, rewarding something that we all know we should be doing anyway?

There are some things you can do that do not directly affect your customers. In late 2012, Penguins Events resurrected their relationship with Climate Care. Climate change is the most pressing global issue facing us all, with potential for significant community, biodiversity and environmental consequences across the world. To take responsibility for our impact on the climate we offset the carbon emissions from our company through Climate Care.

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Anthony Kelly

By Anthony Kelly

Anthony began his marketing career back in 2008 after studying business management & marketing at the University of Stirling. He joined the events and incentive travel industry in 2015 after spending a number of years in the engineering, oil & gas and transport & logistics industries.More articles by Anthony Kelly