2 Jul 2019 | by Lucy Saxton

Feel like your employees have lost their va-va-voom? Here’s how to rekindle that spark and get your work force back to their sparkling selves…

Were you once an amazing team but now the spark has gone? Even the most enthusiastic, motivated, employee, or team, can lose their shine and sparkle somewhere along the line… A demotivated employee can feel a whole lot like dead wood, or a damp squib, bringing down the mood of the rest of the team and producing poor results. Fear not, this can be fixed before it gets out of hand.  Check out our top 5 tips of inspiring the uninspired…

 1. Communicate

We love the C word. Why? Because it really is so important. Mob mentality can kick in when someone isn’t performing well or is dragging the team down. Whispered conversations around the water cooler become commonplace, because let’s face it- who doesn’t love a good moan? As a manager, now is the time to shut this down. Loose lips sink ships, so stop the idle gossip and get to the root of the problem. Call the person in question in and ask them if anything is bothering them. Be upfront. Maybe they’re having problems in their personal life that have filtered in to work, or maybe something negative has impacted them within the office. Either way, it is so important to talk it out and come up with a plan of action once you have some answers…

2. Be transparent 

No office is safe from the age old rumour mill. Maybe there has been idle gossip about the future of the company, or the security of people’s roles. This can quickly lead to employees feeling worried and demoralised. Don’t let Chinese whispers affect the mood and morale of the staff. Be honest, if there are problems happening in the company, then communicate them and if all is hunky dory then do the same. Sometimes a tiny grain of information or misinformation can sow seeds of worry and doubt, so shut it down before it spirals out of control.

3. Let people work to their strengths 

Doing the same thing day in day out can be soul destroying and kill off the enthusiasm of even your brightest members of staff. Try to mix up certain projects and let others have the opportunity to work on and take part in new and different tasks. Letting employees work on projects that appeal to them isn’t self-indulgent, it’s important to the attitude and general vibe of the company.

4. Reward your staff 

Panic not, this doesn’t need to cost the earth or put you majorly out of pocket but every little helps when motivating your team. A thank you round of drinks at the pub on a sunny Friday after a fab event or client win will go a long way in inspiring and banding your team together. Perks keep staff happy and more productive and happy employees means happy clients and a thriving business!

5. Get to know them 

We aren’t suggesting you spend 30 minutes every day asking after their Great Aunt Maureen, who’s dog has a heart condition, but it is important and meaningful to get to know your staff. Take conversations out of work mode every now and then and try to engage with them on details of their lives (that they are happy sharing). You don’t have to buy friendship bracelets and pledge undying adoration but small gestures and remembering small details about your team really do go a long way…  now, back to Great Aunt Maureen’s dog…

Lucy Saxton

By Lucy Saxton

Lucy Saxton is a journalist, content creator, social media advisor and broadcaster. Studying Criminology at Leicester Uni and completing an MA In print Journalism at The University of Sheffield, she began her career as Features Editor of the popular teen girls magazine, MIZZ Mag. More recently, Lucy has worked for Cosmopolitan Magazine and Seventeen Magazine. Lucy was previously a Journalist at M&IT Magazine which saw her travelling around the world and launching several social media channels for CAT MEDIA. Lucy is a regular travel correspondent on BBC radio.More articles by Lucy Saxton