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The Savoy is an iconic hotel brilliantly reinvented for the 21st century, where the glamour of 125-years of history sparkles with a new lustre. 

Our arrival at The Savoy was meant to be at 3.30pm in the reception, however through sheer excitement we had a full house by 3.30pm in the wonderful Princess Ida & Patience banqueting room.

Champagne Afternoon Tea

The Savoy has the rare distinction of overlooking the River Thames so not only were we treated to incredible views of the Thames but the most delicious champagne afternoon tea.   There was a certain in trepidation to begin with of ‘shall I be the first, how do I eat that, I couldn’t possibly ruin that display?’ but with time that dissipated!

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A Tour of The Savoy

Once suitably fed and watered, we were treated to a historic tour of The Savoy by the Savoy’s Archivist Susan Scott.  The Savoy is one of London’s favourite and most famous meetings and events places and can accommodate events from 6 people in the Sorcerer Room up to 800 people in the Lancaster Ball Room.  The hotel’s enduring showmanship has attracted people down the generations from royalty, the arts, business, politics and the law. The separate River Entrance, on a quiet road away from the main hotel entrance on the Strand, sets the tone for exclusive events and meetings.

The last stop off of the tour was the Royal Suite.  Refurbished at a cost of over £2.5 million, The Savoy’s Royal Suite is one of the capital’s finest and most well-appointed accommodations. Spread over the front of the entire 5th floor, the suite’s enfilade arrangement makes the most of the dramatic views over the River Thames. From each of the 8 windows, guests can enjoy a magnificent London vista from Canary Wharf to the Houses of Parliament and beyond with 7 of London’s bridges visible.  Our guests thoroughly enjoyed viewing the stately procession of rooms that create a Royal Suite that is literally fit for a king.  We did learn that for the guests that stay in the Royal Suite that are travelling without staff, a Savoy butler is on hand 24 hours a day! Combining the skills of a traditional private butler with the efficiency and knowledge of a 21st century personal assistant, The Savoy butler will ensure seamless, dedicated, personalised service. This is one that everyone needs to put on their hit-list!

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