voting systems

Obtaining first hand feedback and opinion is critical, but harvesting this information from a live audience isn’t always easy. A simple show of hands is one way but recording it isn’t 100% accurate. Asking individuals is another way but shyness or divulging sensitive information may prove a barrier.

Through the use of anonymous voting powered by responsive handsets, we are able to increase participation and improves the accuracy of the information gathered. This in turn eliminates results or decisions being skewed by those brave enough to speak up!

Penguins are able to integrate delegate interaction straight into the heart of your event. Audience participation can be incorporated directly into your presentations to display real time results without making delegates download any additional software.

This insight also has value after the event. Feedback can be used in a number of ways from helping shape future events, to influencing product launches, through to providing source material for post event marketing.  

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