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Planning an event can be a minefield. Juggling multiple tasks, hitting deadlines, stakeholder management and large amounts of human process are just some of the challenges involved to ensure your delegates are both informed and engaged. Luckily the Penguins digital gurus are here to help. By blending technical wizardry with physical event know-how, we are able to streamline the management process whilst delivering a more immersive, interactive experience for the attendee. Below are some of the technology solutions we are able to provide to ensure your event delivers the WOW factor without the headaches!       

delegate management systems
Ensuring you have complete visibility of who is attending, what information they have been sent and collating feedback after the event can be like herding cats. Our customisable delegate management system takes the pain out of this process. Automated invite, registration, confirmation and preference communications enable you to focus your attention on other areas of your event. View more information about our delegate management systems here.

virtual events

Digital events are rapidly becoming a mainstream communication tool for many organisations. Whether this has been fueled by budget cuts, no-fly policies or just because it’s a cost effective, green solution, webinars are an effective medium to broadcast your message to a geographically dispersed audience. Here at Penguins we have been embracing virtual events with open arms for many years. By utilizing a number of technology platforms we are able to plan, manage and deliver quality content to your customers and prospects from the comfort of your own desk. View our range of webinar and virtual event services here.


So you’ve got a healthy number of bums on seats, but how do you ensure you maximise their ‘live experience’?  Enter the EventsApp. By blending digital with physical experiences we are able to encourage delegates to interact with your brand before, during and after the actual event. Additionally, being a green bunch we strive to make our events paper-free where ever possible which reduces environmental waste and save you money in design and print material. See how our fully customisable EventsApp can enhance your event.

voting systems

Gauging opinion from your customers and prospects is invaluable. Being able to capture it effectively and incorporating it into future marketing activity, product design, customer experience training or service offering can however prove problematic. Integrating audience voting systems into your event deepens engagement and provides valuable insight into certain topics that a simple straw poll or show of hands can’t. Find out how to integrate delegate voting systems into your event.


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