Modern digital technology can be the difference between a “so-so” event and one that moves hearts and changes minds. These days there’s a digital solution for almost every event headache – from planning, through execution, to the post-experience debriefing. Digital solutions can be as exciting as they are useful, but knowing what’s out there and getting to grips with what you need can be a minefield. 

The Penguins digital gurus are here to help. We combine technical nous with physical event know-how to streamline event management and deliver a more immersive, interactive experience.

digital event production

Here are some of the technology solutions we can provide to ensure your event delivers the wow factor without the headaches:

Delegate management systems

Maintaining complete visibility of who is attending, what information they’ve been sent, and collating post-event feedback can be like herding cats. With automated invite, registration, confirmation and preference communications, our customisable delegate management system takes the pain out of the process.

Virtual events

Webinars and digital events are a great way to share your message with a geographically dispersed audience. With our expertise of various technology platforms, the Penguins team empower you to plan, manage and deliver quality content to your customers and prospects from the comfort of your own desk.


Looking to maximise the live experience? Enter the EventsApp. By blending digital with physical experiences, we encourage delegates to interact with your brand before, during and after the actual event. We make our events paper-free wherever possible, reducing environmental waste and saving you money.

Voting systems

Gauging opinion from your customers and prospects is invaluable, but accurate capture can be tricky. Integrating audience voting systems into your event deepens engagement and provides a depth of insight that a simple straw poll never could.

event digital projection

Want to take your events to the next level?

Hear more about our great range of digital wizardry and how we can help you get the most out of your event.