8 Apr 2021 | by Abbie Hanton

Reward and recognition programmes are great, because they actively celebrate those hard workers and motivate the workforce to aim for constant improvement. However, some programmes can fall a tad flat if those benefits aren’t considered worthy of hard work. We all know about the usual methods, i.e., bonuses, less working hours, travel incentives, but what about the smaller ways that you can appreciate your employees for their hard work on a regular basis?


You know about the benefits of a reward and recognition programme, but Here are 12 ways you can spruce up your ideas and get your employees motivated. 


1. Be the CEO for one day

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term ‘King for a day’, but how about ‘CEO for the day’? Why not give your best, most hardworking employee the ultimate recognition by letting them work alongside the CEO and get first-hand experience into what it’s like to be the top dog? It’s a great motivator for personal growth and development, allowing this star employee to take a peek into their potential future. 


2. Cutting down the hours 

The benefits of taking a little time off work are endless, especially when it’s a nice surprise to celebrate your achievements in the workplace. Allowing your team to cut down their working hours on a Friday is a great way to boost morale and increase productivity. 


3. Take-out on us 

Everyone loves take-out  especially when it’s free! Reward your hard-working employees with a cheat-day meal for lunch or a voucher for their favourite delivery service.  


4. Hall of fame with a twist 

An employee of the month scheme is great but after a while can be a little boring… Spruce up an old-fashioned reward scheme by introducing something a little different. For example, how about a cardboard cut-out hall of fame? The employee of the month’s cut-out is placed in a special section (i.e., the reception or main office area) and at the end of the year, all the cut-outs are placed together to celebrate their hard work and recognise the team players from across the business. 


5. Gift it!  

Why not gift something, like a plant, to each of your employees to let them know they’re valuedIf not a plant, even a hamper or something as simple as a coffee lets your team know you recognise their hard work and appreciate them. Often it isn't the value of something that is important, but the thought that has been put behind it, or the unexpectedness, everyone loves a surprise, right?!


6. Custom emojis or clothing 

Show your employee you appreciate their hard work by getting them their own custom emojis to use on your work hub! It’s a fun way to spread awareness of employees throughout the company and start conversation. 


7. Puppies! 

Everyone loves puppies – and they’re also a great stress reliever! Just finished up a big pitch, or about to go to one? Bring in a therapy dog to help ease pre- or post-project jitters. Puppies are also bound to increase workplace morale, with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs believing that the introduction of a therapy dog can help generate workplace interactions that would not normally take place – it’s a win-win! 


8. House cleaning or cook 

Trying to balance working from home isn’t always easy, especially if your home life is as chaotic as your work one! Pay for a personal chef to take the stress of dinner away for one night for your hardest working employees. Alternatively, you could hire a cleaner to spruce the place up and remove one more job off the to-do list for your hardworking team members. By doing this, you’re removing big stress factor from their day, allowing them to relax slightly and focus on the task at hand.  


9. Personalised celeb videos 

Sure, its great being recognised for your work by a manager or CEO, but what about by your favourite celeb? Sites such as Cameo are a great way to secure an exciting celebrity shoutout and these are really on trend right now!


10. The funky trophy hat 

If you’re a place that celebrates the top-dog weekly, how about having a funky hat that they can wear with pride to alert the office they’re at the top of their game. We know, this might not go down too well… so to make it seem more appealing, have this hat also be a symbol of free coffee or food from the canteen or local coffee shop! 


11. Getting someone out of the doghouse  

Sometimes, the best way to get someone motivated is to offer something that’ll help them out when they’re in the doghouse. Offer a charity donation in the name of whomever they wish or give them a voucher to send flowers or gifts to a loved one. 


12. Dance lessons 

We’ve all witnessed the horrors that take place on the dancefloor at work parties – dance lessons are a fun reward to recognise hard work, but also to save everyone else having to witness that dancing again 


Hopefully these ideas have drummed up some inspiration to spruce up your reward and recognition programme. For more inspiration, take a look at our recent blog posts on the benefits of rewarding and recognising your staff and 10 insane stats about reward and recognition. Or have a read of our report on The Changing face of reward. And to find out how you can implement some of these ideas into your organisation get in touch with our team of reward and recognition experts today.

Abbie Hanton

By Abbie Hanton

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