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We have spoken about the ‘in-the-round’ concept before, touching upon ‘how to stop delegates sitting at the back of a conference room’, and we feel there is a necessity to reignite the concept surrounding this style of presenting your conference.

We continually work with our clients on making their conferences more engaging and possibly one of the most effective ways of reducing the desire for delegates to "hide" is to stop conferences being a "them and us". More and more of our clients are on board with this idea and ready to utilise the engagement power of this concept and increase the experience for both the presenter and audience. 

The ultimate goal of a conference is to project your messages out, whatever they be, to the individuals that make it all happen and are currently sitting within your audience. Communication is essential towards moving forward as a business, and we get to the point of asking what makes an event successful.

We get asked this question on a regular basis and we believe that the success of an event is a direct result of the engagement level of an audience and the more the audience feels that there are fewer barriers within the business, the greater the engagement will be. To have the CEO stand amongst the team sends out a very strong message to everyone, a message of transparency and openness. Whether you an audience of 50 or 5000 we want your delegates leaving the event having been interacted with and filled with excitement towards the brand and the messages you have portrayed throughout the presentation. 

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How do we get the best experience?

This leads us nicely on to how we do this. How do we get the best experience out of an event? With the concept of ‘in the round’ there is no sitting at the back, you are caught up in the middle where it really matters! have portrayed throughout the presentation.

Using 'in the round', the experience becomes more inclusive and it shows that, if it is an internal event, the company really is breaking down barriers and involves everyone, offering the sense of ‘we are one’. It makes the event more exciting, interesting and much more visual. 

We have used this style of conference many times now and we have yet to read or receive any negativity from those that have attended events in the round as well as those that present in them. The speakers are more visible, which is something not all speakers like, but then we believe that presenting from behind a lectern is not the most engaging way of presenting and surely as technology and events evolve, so should the skills of those presenting!

Delegate engagement offers a true experience related to the brands core values and it is this engagement that can contribute so much to your company goals, simply by motivating your team and providing them with the information they need to achieve them.

We truly understand the benefit of using the ‘in the round’ style. It may not be right for all events or for all presenters but with over 30 years of staging conferences we have a good idea of what style will work for your next event and the benefits that can be provided to the business, stakeholders and those participating.

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