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More professional photography – who needs it eh?

Well, you’re a creative person with an imagination the size of a planet so try this. Change your perspective. Stop the world, freeze time and wander around your event photographer and look at him or her from another angle entirely – turn them upside down, inside out. The value is not really in the images at all. The value lies in converting guest photographs into oversized, personalised, unique business cards – cards that will see the light of day, not just get filed away and forgotten.

Event photos are a way to pull the shiniest, most socially-active people out of the crowds and make them even happier by feeding their (lovely) egos and by quite literally putting a floodlight on them; and then associating your message with those positive vibes. It's the bold and the brave who step up to the plate for photographs first. What could you do with a small army of the bold and the brave running out into the night clutching your message and anxious to show it to anyone and everyone who asks “What was that do that you went to like? Any good?”

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Rather like great-grandma’s prized watercolour entitled “Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor” it’s the frame that’s valuable to you, not the picture.

The post-event work is more than a tear-down, a clean-up and B2B distribution of glossy photos of celebrities handing cheques over on a red carpet. You’ve gathered together scores, hundreds or even thousands of people from carefully-targeted demographics, spent a small fortune on giving them a fantastic experience and now you’re just going to let them walk out of the door?

Are you serious? Your guests are going to wake up the following morning with a mild hangover, nightmare hair and the business card of the miserable taxi driver who took them home (and only that because there was a little plastic tray of them next to the big “No Smoking” sticker). At best they might remember the address of the venue – at worst they’ll be online over their cornflakes, sharing horrible fuzzy mobile-phone photos. Probably, unless you do something about it, photos of someone under your event banner, gently passing out on a plate of chicken bones and cold gravy soon after calling a taxi. This is not your ideal post-event publicity!

  • Guest photography is all about extending your image control and repeating your message beyond the event.
  • Freely given, printed on-site and scattered online the benefits of professional guest photography can be astounding.
  • Self-selected early-adopters and influential social butterflies leave your event physically carrying your details and message on their mementos – and actually want to show them off
  • Those “easy share” buttons on the online albums now work for you, not against you - every share sends your message further out into the world, wrapped around happy and positive moments

Guest photography is the little red-ribbon bow that puts your event neatly back into the box.

It’s your post-event, ground-level publicity material!

Maybe you do need more photography after all?

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