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I recently went back to the University I graduated from in 2011 as I was asked to advise and help current students in any way I could in regards to CV building and emphasising the importance of work placements and general motivation for the final years of their studies. It was also a good opportunity to introduce my plan for 2013 to come back to the University and discuss social media with students via a series of lectures and presentations.

One thing that I came across from this day was that over 80% of them were either not aware of LinkedIn or just did not use it because they did not understand the benefits to them. It got me thinking that in this day and age of Marketing and Business in general, Social Media needs to be a fundamental part in business education.

I learnt much about theories when I was at University, and I understood that most practicality would come through some form of work experience, however I feel that if I did not have a natural interest in social media I would have struggled to be on top of modern day marketing without having some form of training or extensive research. I am not saying emails and advertising in publications will disappear, but all businesses really need to make social media a top priority in their marketing strategy. This is why I think it is important to increase the awareness of modern day marketing strategies.

Hey Simon! Why should I be using LinkedIn?

One person I spoke to summed it up in a nutshell for me. I said  “Are you on LinkedIn?” He replied “What is that?”. Is social media seen as just a bit of fun and are many people missing the opportunity of networking as well as amazing business opportunities?

Think of LinkedIn as a professional Facebook, with the main factor of this platform being the opportunity for networking and getting your name out there on a business level.

LinkedIn can hold your CV on your profile page, as well as allowing you to add skills that you have obtained in keyword searchable format. Any of this, as well as your working experience, can be endorsed by your fellow colleagues or previous employers, giving a more realistic and more credible account for yourself. In the fierce current environment of job hunting these days it is important to be innovative in your approach to finding you next career.

More and more recruiters, as well as businesses, are using search engines within search engines. What do I mean by this? Well, put it this way, if I was a recruiter, I would probably receive a certain amount of applications via email or via my recruitment site. But what if I needed more? Going onto LinkedIn and searching for keywords and relevant groups can help! You get a real profile as well as the generic CV you may normally receive. I like to add publications, and any articles I write about on to mine, showing I have a general interest in my field and can bake up my personal statement.

That hard bit is already done, the page is ready! All you need to do is create your profile and get networking. With applications on your mobile and other devices, it is even easier to communicate, and in a professional way too! You can even link up LinkedIn to your work or University email systems, so you can send and reply via your outlook etc.

One last bit of advice I can give to you is to write articles about what you are passionate about in business. For example, marketing students could be writing blogs and articles about B2B communication strategies etc. You can then publish these on your LinkedIn and even onto group pages that you have joined! Spreading your work and knowledge to thousands of other people with one click! 

LinkedIn for Business

For me, LinkedIn is a potential powerhouse for getting that additional traffic onto your website. The one thing that is important with any social media platform is to not dilute your profiles with sales pitches! The main thing is to project your personality and knowledge to the industry and the world. If all you did was promote your services constantly on these platforms, you will more than likely loose followers and your company will suffer. Remember you have a company profile for highlighting your services, use your news feeds to interact with your visitors using informative and interesting content.

Getting recommendations of your services is a fundamental part to showing off your company in good light. It gives your readers confidence that others have used you before and have received good service, not only that but you can see who has endorsed you, along with their  job title, so you can make a credible judgement, and this can work on both a personal and company level.

Share your posts to relevant group pages; this is a free and easy way to project your articles to thousands of other individuals. If popular enough, the article can stay at the top of these group pages for quite some time. If you have links to your website within the article then you are doing the right thing!

This is a quite a brief article, but I hope it has informed you in some way. I look forward to writing more in the near future. Please feel free to read our other articles!

Join in on the debate with others via this LinkedIn Discussion.

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