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It was an unusually damp evening for the 14th May; a bunch of penguins (Aimee, Richard, Adam, Amber and Amanda) decided to put some happy faces on their clients and some delicious food in their tummies by cooking up a storm at the School of Wok in Covent Garden!

With the help of our very talented chefs (Neville & Stefan) we delved into the wonderful world of Chinese cuisine, with a few minor teething issues (creating the perfect jazz hands with our dough) we mastered the art of creating the perfect Wonton. We then moved on to the more challenging issue of the main – producing the perfect fluffy consistency for our egg fried rice, keeping our wok as clean as possible at all times (this is apparently a sure sign of a good cook) and creating possibly the spiciest Sichuan chicken dish we had all ever had the pleasure of experiencing!

Once we had mastered all our dishes and got all our food sharply out the kitchen like true professionals we sat down, donning our well-earned chef hats (see crafty pictures taken below) and dug straight in – needless to say the wine flowed well into the night and we all had to be wheeled out from eating far too much resulting in a very good evening had by all…

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Definitely an experience we and many others will be looking to re-create again – in the words of Borat Sagdiyev…Great Success!

School of Wok is a unique experience that you can book exclusively with Penguins  – providing Oriental and Asian cooking classes. The school can cater classes to suit groups from 5-30 people; it offers lessons in Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai and Indian cuisine. You can tailor the course to suit your group’s needs, from 2hrs - full day classes – whatever you need! In addition to the school’s master class offering they also provide treasure hunts around exciting China Town and mystery-box experience.

Contact us for more information on School of Wok.

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