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Happy New Year from Ricky the rockhopper penguin! Ricky had a wonderful New Year's Day doing what he usually does; swimming with his friends and hopping around!

Ricky is extremely proud of his ever-growing set of yellow head feathers, so when you come and visit him, you might spot him shaking his head from side to side. This is his way of attracting attention and impressing the ladies!

Ricky loves living in Penguin Beach, his home. The water is deep enough for him to porpoise out when he swms really fast. This is when penguins propell their bodies out of the water like dophins.

Ricky can often be spotted porpoising before meal times when he is excited about all the fish he's about to eat! He has to be quick though, there are a few pesky herons that fly in from Regent's Park who are always looking for a chance to snap up the odd fish.

Luckily for Ricky, his trusty keepers shoo the herons away and make sure he gets his fill. He's pretty noisy mind you, so he'd honk away to tell them if he was still hungry!

Ricky is a very friendly, very curious penguin, and he loves to be involved with anything that's going on in his enclosure. When his keepers are cleaning the windows for example, Ricky sometimes hops around behind them to 'help'.

He is also a big fan of falling leaves, so the autumn provides great entertainment for Ricky. He loves to chase leaves as the wind blows them around, and pick them up in his beak. His keepers are convinced it's his way of tidying!

When it gets dark and is time for bed, Ricky and the other penguins head over to their nesting boxes, which they access through little tunnels at the back of Penguin Beach. They all have their own nesting box so it's a very organised system!

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Don't forget to visit Ricky in 2013!

If you would like to adopt Ricky like we did, please find out more via the ZSL Zoo Website.

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