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On Friday 7th June we packed our bags for a trip to London Zoo to see our pal Ricky the Rockhopper penguin. We hadn’t caught up with him since the beginning of 2013 so we were keen to see how our furry team member and his friends at Penguin Beach were getting on…

We arrived just in time for ‘Penguins Beach Live’ – this is a great display  where Ricky and his friends show off their expert diving and swimming skills to the audience whilst their keeper talks through their daily routine, environment, eating habits and in Ricky’s case – hopping habits!!

Myself and one of our lovely customers Hannah (Penguins recent competition winner) were able to experience a unique encounter by getting up close and personal with the penguins by crossing the gated entrance into their territory for some cuddles, attempted theft of our jewellery (apparently they are like magpies in that sense – attracted to anything shiny!) and some VERY unusual toilet habits (we won’t go into them...)

Our trip to ZSL

As always our Ricky was the star attraction for the day, there were lots of great snaps taken of Ricky and his feathery friends (see below). It is fond farewell for now but we will most definitely be back to ZSL very soon to see all of our penguins doing what they do best!

If you would like to find out more about the conservation work that London zoo do or adopt Ricky like we did visit the ZSL website here

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