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Why should you be using Pinterest?

I first came across the social media platform ‘Pinterest’ in an edition of B2B Marketing Magazine earlier this year and the article was compelling enough for me to investigate further, and do you know what? I am glad I did!

For those that do not know, Pinterest is an online portfolio of images and videos that can be linked to web pages to which they came from, so that when you click on the image it takes you to the page.

It seems that since the dawn of social media around 2007, many other social platforms have arisen with the emphasis of doing their own unique thing.

But what about a platform that can hold pictures and show off your interests and your services all in one place whilst also being a traffic source to your website? My initial thoughts were that Pinterest was just an online portfolio for artists to show their work. However, it was in the B2B Magazine that it went into depth about what Pinterest can mean to businesses and what initially grabbed my attention to start taking this seriously.

So how can a site like Pinterest help companies like us and yourselves?

I am a firm believer in that ‘Pictures paint a thousand words’ and after doing some extensive research it seems that the higher up someone is in an organisation, or even in a decision making process, the less time they have to read things and therefore grabbing their attention  with eye-catching content within a certain amount of time is critical.

What good is it me telling you with hundreds of words what an event entailed when I can show you. Think of the process, you see a great picture, chances are you are more likely to try and find out how that was done or what it was for. I bet if it was just a long list of text you would be either put off instantly or get bored a quarter of the way through! In fact, it was partly the inspiration into changing our case studies section into ‘Portfolio’ and showing off a gallery of events. Take a look!

Within the events industry, delegates and clients expect to be inspired and energised, whilst we aim to provide creativity and aim to amaze. To get the true feeling of how good these events are, you need to be there! But what if you weren't invited? The next best thing is seeing what it was like via pictures or videos.

Queue Pinterest...

I made it one of our marketing priorities when I first started here at Penguins to utilise Pinterest. It did not take too long, and now we have our website, services and personality and activities all on one page in pictures! From a business point of view, like any social media strategy you have, the goal is to get the visitor to your website as part of a lead generation tactic. Great content increases your chances of this happening, and it just so happens that more and more site traffic comes from Pinterest to our website now. This is ultimately another form of brand awareness and definitely something you should add to your social media strategy if you have not done so already. It is made easier with the fact that visitors can click on the pictures and be taken to your website and even re-pin your pictures to their boards which are viewable to their followers, pushing the brand boat out even further!

I hope this has been an insightful article and has made you have a look at Pinterest or at least think about it! I believe the more places your brand is, the better, and Pinterest should be one of those places!

Click here to take a look at our Pinteresting page!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to writing again soon!

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