Tower Bridge Fashion Show

The brief was to create a catwalk for the first ever international fashion show on London’s iconic Tower Bridge. The 44m high catwalk above the River Thames was the idea of budding entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh, founder of J Model Management, who wanted to showcase collections from leading international fashion week designers. The event was attended by VIP designers and supported by British fashion designer, Paul Costelloe. 


120 VIP fashion designers 


For the first time ever London Tower Bridge opened its doors and played host to a fashion show showcasing fifteen international brands from five continents. With two hours to spare, after Tower Bridge was closed to the public,  Penguins events and production team, swiftly transformed the 3m  wide, 61m long and 44m high bridge into a catwalk and seating area worthy of VIP designers and fashion ambassadors from around the world.
Entrepreneur and founder of creative agency and fashion event organiser, J Model Management, Jessica Minh Anh chose an iconic London building to showcase international renowned brands. Not only did Jessica Minh Anh break new ground by choosing Tower Bridge but she also made history as this was the first time the Bridge had been used for a fashion show let alone an international one. 

As preferred events supplier for London Tower Bridge, Penguins’ intimate knowledge of the building meant we were able to overcome the technical and logistical problems at the venue. Lighting and sound systems were hung strategically from the ceiling while drapes created changing rooms and a catwalk opening for the models to make this historical fashion debut. 

Seating lined the 61m catwalk giving VIP guests the ultimate view of these internationally acclaimed fashion brands. Overall, the event was a huge success  and Jessica Minh Anh is already planning a revolutionary international fashion show for 2012.

We provided the following services:

  • Event and Production management
  • Full production services (Sound and Lighting)
  • Logistical and planning management
  • Draping and dressing


Entrepreneur, Jessica Minh Anh, said “We were ready to take fashion 44m off the ground and showcase some of the world’s cutting edge collections in one of London’s most iconic buildings. I really enjoyed working with Penguins.”