KP Snacks (The Grove)

The Brief 

International savoury snacks producer KP Snacks wanted to host an event for all their UK staff members to establish KP Snacks as a separate business identity from their parent organisation United Biscuits. The conference was also to assist staff on their product knowledge with engaging breakout sessions, interactive team building activities and reward them all for their efforts with a separate event in the evening.


  • It was outlined that the theme for the event needed to be reflected not only throughout the venue but also the activities and the entire running order of the event
  • Each product was allocated its own breakout session/room which had to themed on a very tight budget!
  • Private check in station in addition to the standard check in
  • The client required accommodation and parking for all 120 delegates on site
  • In order to pack everything all in to one day very tight turnaround times were required from all staff and entertainers to make sure everything stayed on schedule


120 Delegates


The Grove Hotel, UK


The Brazilian theme was carried out throughout the entire venue and event programme – team building exercises, samba and football lessons, picture exercise, KP sensory challenges (based on smell, touch and taste of products), room theming and ended on a high with renowned dance group ‘YES Brazil’ putting on an amazing spectacle at the end of the day for their BBQ on the Beach with a DJ till the early hours of the morning.

We provided the following services:

  • Logistics & Production Management
  • Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual
  • Agency - All provision of entertainment and entertainers
  • Digital Media
  • Branding Concepts
  • Delegate management


"I just wanted to thank you and all members of the Penguins event team, who made our KP Snacks commercial conference such a great success."

Valerie Eiloart, KP Snacks