Conference & Exhibition (Glory Global Solutions)

The brief

Our client, Glory Global Solutions (Glory) wanted to host a 3 day event for their distributors and customers with main objectives to:

  • Provide a forum to examine industry  insights , discussing innovation and current trends within the market
  • Raise the profile of Glory on a global scale
  • Offer a central networking opportunity for the distributors, customers and banking technology community

GGS sought to host the event in a central iconic location within Europe, to include a conference, exhibition and off-site dinners. The theme for the event was "ENGAGE” which needed to be captured in all of the branding event design. 

The client also specified a desire for impactful digital concepts to be included where possible to emphasize their industry position as an innovative technology provider.


  • Limited access time at venue to construct the event – including 50 bespoke exhibition stands and a giant projection screen
  • 600 delegates requiring event accommodation in central London in the week of Wimbledon
  • Off-site dinner venues that could fit the numbers and were available on key dates
  • Management of rooming lists for international delegation
  • Manage multiple transfers around the city to multiple venues


600 delegates




After considering a number of European locations, London was chosen as the most suitable destination. Penguins proposed to host the event at the Westminster Park Plaza which has iconic views of Westminster Palace and The Thames, with multiple bedrooms in house or close by and an ideal conference space.

For the main plenary room we introduced a large 23m wide digital projection canvas to provide a high impact presentation surface

Speakers for the event included Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller (MI5), Sir Terry Leahy (Tesco) and Patrick Dixon (Global Change) to provide their viewpoints on innovation and global trends. 

The central hub of the event was the “Solution Showcase” A large area to network with co-delegates surrounded by 50 bespoke displays for GGS products. A huge amount of planning went into the custom flooring, graphic panels, furniture, cabling, networking, digital display, lighting, IT and logistics to build this space from scratch in just 12 hours. This included the positioning and commissioning of over 50 products, some of which weighing over 1000kg!

For the first evening the guests were transported by a traditional red bus to London’s Science Museum. Here we merged science experiments with some very tasty food to provide futuristic culinary delights - think Heston Blumental! The second evening was hosted on board the Silver Sturgeon for an elegant cruise down the river Thames and included on board entertainment, music and a relaxed environment to network on a glorious summers evening.

We provided the following services:

  • Event & Production Management
  • Venue source & management
  • Sound, Lighting and Audio Visual
  • Online delegate registration
  • Translation booths
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Digital Media
  • Large scale print and branding
  • Exhibition build
  • Speaker management


“The response from our customers and colleagues alike has been overwhelming; the event certainly had the desired impact! The partnership with Penguins was vital to the success of the event with faultless execution across multiple service streams.’

Ben Thorpe, Director, Global Marketing & Strategy